Eaton 9130 the Most Dependable Backup UPS Available

What is the best scalable battery for servers, voice or data networks, and IT storage systems? Most professionals in the IT world will tell you it is the Eaton 9130 with ABM technology. This is a high-quality, ultra-dependable uninterruptible power system that is perfect for everyday operations.

You know how crucial it is to keep your equipment from undergoing power surges, frequency variations, noise interruptions and brownouts. This is where the 9130 from the leader in UPS equipment, Eaton, comes into play. It is easy to set up and will fit on any rack. It is easy to monitor with a clear, bright LED display.

It has a 95 percent or greater uptime, providing your company with consistent power-surge protection and backup. How often have you forgotten to save your work in the middle of something important only for a brownout to occur? You know that feeling of dread that sinks into you when you realize you forgot to save it.

Avoid situations like this by purchasing and setting up the Eaton 9130. It will protect your data at all times even if it is subjected to a power failure. The system also offers you double-conversion and high-power technology to improve all battery life. Reduce the time it takes to charge batteries with this system and always stay in-the-know when a battery is about to lose its usefulness.

With the Eaton 9130, your data and systems are always secured. Use it for closet servers, networks, or for powering your voice and data system. There is virtually no office or workplace that can do without this backup device. If you want to protect your sensitive data and the service that you deliver to your clients, you want to invest in a 9130.

Selecting the right UPS unit is not always easy but this one is an old-standby from a company that has been delivering technological solutions for four decades. You can count on it and keep everything backed up no matter what. Extend runtimes by investing in additional, optional battery modules.

Where can you buy an Eaton UPS? Find out more information on the manufacturer’s website or just search near you for the 9130. It is the only UPS your company will need to retain and backup everything no matter what goes on. It is the most dependable UPS available and it is easy to set up and fits anywhere, even on a standard rack.