Is It Wise To Buy PBN Backlinks?

Link building is perhaps the most difficult part of SEO. Google doesn’t want you to buy or exchange links. They claim that you can determine people to link to you naturally by writing top-notch content. While this may be true to a certain extent, chances are that you’ll need to wait for an eternity to acquire the number of backlinks that would enable you to rank for the most lucrative keywords in your industry or niche. Under these circumstances, there’s no wonder that so many people make use of private backlinking networks. Also known as PBNs, these networks offer internet marketers and SEO professionals the opportunity to purchase a certain number of backlinks from websites belonging to the network.

If you intend to buy pbn backlinks, you need to be extremely careful. Choosing the wrong provider can trigger a severe Google penalty, as weak networks are usually among the first to collapse. The point is that you need to make sure that all websites belonging to the network look legit and that there are not too many people who know about that PBN service. Furthermore, you may want to check some client reviews before you decide to buy PBN backlinks from a specific provider.

There are many PBN services available, so you’ll have enough options for an effective comparison. Search the web for client reviews to make sure that there are people who have seen good results with those service providers. Also, consider testing your PBN service of choice by using it with one of your less important websites. If needed, set up a new website just for testing purposes. Like this you don’t risk to lose your main business, should things go awry at some point in time. This isn’t a guarantee that the PBN is always going to be safe and effective. However, it should offer you the peace of mind that you won’t get penalized by Google.