Want To Write For Us?

Our blog is still hunting for guest blog writers. As you can see, we’ve got plenty of content in the business niche, and we’re always seeking new content that is related to our blog. If your business niche website is looking for an extra exposure through publishing to other platforms, we can be your partner with that. Contact us now so I can give you our guidelines in publishing your contents.

We are accepting guest post’s for the following topics

Affiliate marketing
HR, social media
Small business technology
Customer service
Women business concerns
Health care reform
Business Ideas
Buying/Selling websites
Driving traffic to websites
Search engine optimization
Creating awesome websites
Blog design features and functionality
Creating information & digital products
Making money from websites, blogs & forums
Web Designing and Development

Guest blogging is an excellent method to promote your website. The website you are operating can have an extra publicity if you publish great contents on various sites out there. Blog owners will share your articles with their own audience, meaning you can have direct traffic. They typically also publish the content on social media which drives more traffic. The search engines like it when websites link to each other too, so getting more links from websites such as this one will give you a boost in the search engines and aid you get more organic traffic. It is however be noted that contents submitted are relevant and also have the same topic of your own website. For example, the niche of your website is in the business industry, then, try to find business or blog sites and ask to become one of their guest bloggers. You wouldn’t want to get a guest blog on a real estate site for instance as this isn’t related to your website and looks strange to the search engines. You may include in your content submission a video or pictures relevant to your site. When the search engine found your guest post, they’ll definitely rank your website higher in their result pages.


You can write for us as a guest writer or you may ask somebody or other capable writer to write the content in line with the standards you set then post the contents in our site. There are quality articles readily available or you can order them online like websites such as I Need Articles.


We’ll send to you the blogging guidelines after you contact us using our form. You can then begin now posting your contents. Content that you need to submit to us have word count of 750 and double checked for high quality standards. If you are a guest author and want to be featured on our blog then contact us.